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Monday, 05 January 2009 02:25

In order to stimulate competition NA-NiC does not deal with individual clients ("Registrants") to register Domain Names within .NA® and has therefor accredited Registrars which will register Domain Names on the clients' behalf.


There are Registrars accredited to register on behalf of foreign Registrants and Registrars accredited to register Domain Names on behalf of Namibian Registrants. A few Registrars are accredited for both Namibian and foreign Registrants. It is therefor advisable for Namibian clients to choose a Registrar accredited to register Domain Names for Namibian Registrants, whereas foreign clients must choose one accredited for foreign Registrants.

Within the .co.NA both Namibian and Foreign Registrars may register Domain Names for both Namibian or foreign Registrants.

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