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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 20:17

In order to Accredit as a Registrar with Namibian Network Information Centre, the following procedure needs to be followed:

  1. Contact us via our Help Desk at
    1. If you are an ICANN and/or CoCCa Accredited Registrar you may apply to make use of the Extensible Provisioning Protocul (EPP) otherwise, generally you would apply to make use of our Web Interface, the CoCCATools.
    2. However, if you wished to make use of EPP you could apply as well, but would have to go through an extensive evaluation procedure.
    3. Unless you have extensive expertise with EPP we would advise you not to attempt this, unless you anticipate a large number of registrations, a minimum of 20 to 25 per day.
  2. You would then download the Registrar Accreditation Agreement from this web site and execute it by signing and dating on the last page with two witnesses and initialling each page, all in black ink. You would convey an original physically (ie by postal mail or courier, but not by email or fax to our address listed thereon.
  3. Upon advice of receipt of Agreement we would request you to let us have your details and would enter these into the Register database.
    1. If you were approved for EPP these details would include the IP addresses from which EPP connections would be made so we could enter these into our firewall
    2. Sould you wish to further secure access to the Web GUI from certain IP Addresses only you would let us know and we would add those addresses toy our profile
  4. We would then advise you of your login and password(s), the latter to be changed forthwith.
  5. For technical Reasons, a Registrar can not at the same time be accredited to register domain names on behalf of Namibian and Foreign Applicants (other than within .co.NA). You therefor have to indicate for which clients you wish to register. If you wish to register for both Namibian and Foreign Applicants we can set up two login accounts accordingly.
  6. There will be an annual fee equivalent to the price of 2 .co.NA registrations, but we shall credit the payment of two actual registrations against this.
  7. Since we are not in a position to reverse payments, once made, we strong urge all Registrars to obtain a two way MyPW token and advise us about the details so we can configure your account accordingly. This would ensure that only individuals having physical access to the token may actually access the Web GUI, in particular to make payments through the credit card gateway provided by the CoCCATools software.
  8. Registrars purchase Domain Name Credits against which registrations or renewals are debited. Due to Exchange Control Regulations we only allow foreign Registrars to make use of the credit card gateway which increases the Domain Name Credits directly whereas Namibian Registrars pay via EFT into our bank account and after receipt we increase the Domain Name Credits manually.
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