Domain Name Transfers Print
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Tuesday, 13 January 2009 10:20

The transfer a Domain Name from one Registrar within .NA® to another is straightforward and free of charge.


Either the new Registrar would request an Authorization code from the old Registrar and then transfer the name via the GUI or EPP, or request the old Registrar to make the transfer via the GUI.


The Register Operator (Omadhina Internet Services) will not make transfers in the first instance, but only

  1. if the new Registrar requests this via the Help Desk; and
  2. provides the Help Desk with documentation (copies of emails) establishing that requests to the old Registrar failed; and
  3. provides us with suitable authorization by the client,
    • usually signed on letterhead attached to an email in PDF format; but
    • only when requested to provide such by the Help Desk staff

No Registrar may prevent a customer from freely transferring a Domain Name to another Registrar, for example to enforce payment of outstanding moneys.

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