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Monday, 12 January 2009 16:58

Namibian Network Information Centre (Pty) Ltd is the Manager of the Country Code Top Level Domain .NA®.



Our functions and tasks are multifaceted. For example, we provide an automatic electronic registration system for .NA® Domain Names (the Register), we operate a network of name servers robustly and resiliently. We provide a range of further services for the Namibian Internet Community, such as, inter alia, stimulating competition on the Registrar level through Accreditation of Namibian and Foreign Registrars, operating a WHOIS server for our clients (exclusively), which is highly configurable by the Registrars, formulating, publishing and enforcing policy, in accordance with RFC 1591.

In administering .NA®, NA-NiC performs a technically demanding task, and it carries the responsibility for the stability and security of an important segment of the Internet, in the interest of, but not as an agent of, the Namibian and International Internet communities.


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